Summer Growth

The Summer has begun! You can feel the heat rising, the sun shining bright and intense overhead, and the idea of iced herbal tea is strong with this one (yes, I have watched too much Star Wars). I have been enjoying hibiscus tea several times a week. The rich red color speaks to me as I have been healing many things in my life that call attention to my root chakra. Muladhara (root chakra) is all about survival, trust, and safety.

As I was watering and walking in my garden this morning I was reminded that the garden is a reflection of myself. She must be watered every morning and I greet each plant with a hello and an offer of gratitude- “thank you for growing here”. As I wake up each morning I tell myself  ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you Spirit for another day’. Both my garden and I are blossoming and teeming with life! I am feeling more loved and confident. I am stepping out and into the new version of myself.  My marigolds are 3 feet tall and blooming the most vibrant yellow ruffly flowers. The passionflower vine is taking over the front of the house and sprouting all over the yard. There are caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies everywhere.

It brings to me the vision of a Sacred Spiral from the Wise Woman Tradition. There is a constant flow of birth, life and death. Change is constant and the insects and plants remind me of that. I am constantly changing, growing and shedding. We all are and it’s necessary for the health of ourselves, our families, our communities and our souls purpose. I am birthing my creation for this summer and I look forward to sharing it with you. I am shifting and aligning myself with what I feel I am called to do. Yoga and meditation classes, herbal medicine/Wise Woman tradition classes, energy work and women’s circles. I want to offer support and wellness work for people who are suffering and are open to change and radical self care. There is so much healing in a few moments of silence, stillness and plant spirit medicine. I can only live by example and offer my knowledge.

I trust you are hearing the call the go outside and sit in a nature a little today and give thanks for this beautiful and sacred time we live in.

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